Hi, my name is John Krause, and I am excited about the opportunity to serve as President of TWUA, for this coming year. I am anxious to begin my travels and meet as many of you as I can, at the various Regional Training Events. Texas is a big state, and I am looking forward to experiencing training in the ten regions that make up the association.

I have 30 years in the water and wastewater utility industry. I am currently the production superintendent for New Braunfels Utility (NBU). I am a four-term president of the Armadillo District, and I must admit I have enjoyed the opportunity. I have been involved with the Southwest Texas Region and happy to assist in any way needed.

I see my utility growing rapidly, and I know first-hand the challenges that operators face. I believe the job tasks and the relevance operators have on public health and safety is or should be at the top of everyone’s list of importance. My message this year will be related to the retention and attraction of the best-qualified staff. Statistics indicate that more than 30% of the “baby boomers” in water and wastewater will be retired within the next three years. In addition, the water industry is losing operators to the oil field, petrochemical, and other higher-paying industries. And we as operators and supervisors need to be proactive when performing budget projections and informing our decision-makers on all issues related to future impacts facing our entities. Like our previous President, I feel well-qualified applicants will be lining up once wages become reflective of the importance operators have on public health and safety.

TWUA just turned 101 years old, and my challenge to you is, stay involved or become involved in the association. Become a district officer, get involved at the regional level and help support and promote TWUA. This is an operator association, and your support is crucial to the continuation of this association.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback.


John Krause
President, TWUA