Minimum Qualification Requirements for Certified Laboratory Analysts

Level Education
Experience Training
A Ph.D/Master's Degree 4 years 160 hours
Bachelor's Degree 5 years
Associate's Degree 7 years
H.S. Diploma/GED 8 years
B Bachelor's Degree 1 year 100 hours
Associate's Degree 3 years
H.S. Diploma/GED 5 years
C Bachelor's Degree none 60
Associate's Degree 1 year
H.S. Diploma/GED 2 years
D Bachelor's Degree none none
Associate's Degree none 20
H.S. Diploma/GED 6 months


There are four levels of exams: “A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”. Each exam is allotted three hours and consists of 100 multiple choice questions with 70 percent correct being the minimum required to pass. Those wishing to take the exam may do so at the TWUA Annual School, each of the TWUA Regional Schools, or on Fridays by appointment, at the TWUA Central Office in Austin 1-888-367-8982. Appointments should be made at least two weeks in advance of the date you would like to test. Results are mailed to the examinee within four to six weeks from the date of the exam and includes a personal diagnostic profile. Should you not pass, there is a two month waiting period before an exam may be retaken.

You are allowed one free retest, if you retest within six months of the original test date and at the same certification level. Upon successful completion of an exam, a certificate will be issued by the TWUA Laboratory Analysts Section.

Exam Fees/Validity Period/Renewal - All Levels

Exam Fees: $ 105.00 Members / $ 150.00 Non-Members
Validity Period: 3 Years
Training Credits Required for Renewal: 30 Hours
Renewal Fee: $ 25.00 Members / $ 50.00 Non-Members

The certification is renewable, without retesting, upon completion of 30 hours of approved training credits within the validity period of the certificate.

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