Hello, my name is Mike Norris, and it is my privilege to serve as your association President.  From my perspective, TWUA still has its best days in front of us.  This association is resilient and is in the process of recovering from the latest challenges related to hosting in-person training.  All our Districts have been cleared to host monthly meetings.  The Regions are hosting in-person training events, and I have been blessed to travel to a few of these regional events.  While attendance numbers may be below expectations, I have all the confidence that TWUA training events will rebound and even come back stronger.  But we will need your support and participation. 

I am the Wastewater Treatment Manager for the City of Tyler.  I am an A Operator and the current President of the East Texas Region (Tyler).  I firmly feel that TWUA is a 103-year-old organization that represents the 30,000 professional operators in Water and Wastewater.  I am proud to be a part of the group that protects the public health of those we serve.

As a result of this last pandemic, the term “essential personnel” was being thrown around in the media.  And this discussion even caused some of our “brothers and sisters” in the water and wastewater profession to second guess or at least question if the news was including or excluding them in the reports.  For clarification, if you are treating water or responsible for the distribution or collection of wastewater, YOU ARE ESSENTIAL.  An old saying goes something like this – “no one misses the water until the well goes dry.”  Allow me to add, “what goes in must eventually come out.”  Meaning if people are using potable water, they are going to need a safe and effective means of getting this contaminated water carried away for treatment. 

Collectively we are stronger.  No one pays much attention to one bee flying around, but they are respected when 1,000,000 bees join together and swarm something.  I challenge you as a member to become involved and help TWUA advance the operator profession and affirm the concept of essential.

May God add his blessings,

Mike Norris