Welcome to the best professional organization for water utility operators around! My name is Clarence Wittwer and I am honored to start my 2023-2024 term as President of this amazing organization.

More than 30 years ago, a very green 18 year old version of me attended my first TWUA district meeting in the Gulf Area District. Wide eyed, I looked around and could not help but notice almost everyone else was so much older than me.

Fast forward 32 years and the same me looks around with tired eyes and sees so many as old as me and few that remind me of that 18 year old scared kid. We are the best of the best in professional water organizations and we offer so much more than just getting renewal hours for our licenses. We also offer an amazing network of seasoned professionals ready to take that next step and find that next generation of water utility workforce.

Join me this year as I travel to our district meetings and regional schools. Bring someone new with you to one. We all know someone younger and promising that college might not be the option. Find them. Tell them. Guide them. Very few of our colleagues have ever told me that they actually searched for this career. They knew someone. Let’s all make it a point as we move forward to search them out and introduce them to the most little known but best career ever.

Remember the abbreviation F.T.B. because I will be using it my entire term and beyond:

Find them: Few people search for us. Take the initiative and go find someone.

Tell them: Tell them what we do. Tell them how we protect the health of thousands to even millions of folks quietly, behind the scenes, 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day.

Bring them: Invite someone to your local district meeting. Go get them. Introduce them to you peers. Show them the amazing family that is the TWUA!

Clarence Wittwer