Greetings all, I am Bill Brown, and I am beyond excited about the opportunity to serve as the 94th President of TWUA. I am ready and willing to begin my travels to the various Regional Training Events. I am looking forward to attending training events in the ten regions that make up the association across this Great State. I hope to meet as may of you as possible, shake your hand and say thanks! Thanks for choosing the public drinking water and wastewater profession. Thanks for being a member of and supporting TWUA.

I have 32 years in the water and wastewater profession.  Since June of 2007 I have served as the General Manager for Jonah Water SUD, which is just outside Hutto, Texas.  I am the current President of the Central Texas Region in Killeen, and I have the privilege of being an instructor, and have attended many TWUA training events. 

Over the past several years our area has experienced unprecedented growth, and I know first-hand the challenges that operators face. I believe that the impact operators have on public health and safety is or should be at the top of everyone’s list of importance. My message this year will be related to the advancement of professionalism and integrity across our profession.  

I enjoy being me and I am aware I rub some folks the wrong way, but I take very serious the obligations and duties of protecting public health as it relates to the water and wastewater services that we provide. My board of directors has placed a tremendous amount of trust in myself and my staff.  It is my honor to take on the daily challenges related to being a public water and wastewater provider. Trust and honor are extremely important to me, I shall not fail!  

I consider it a privilege to carry the torch of the early pioneers who recognized a need for safe drinking water and the proper treatment of wastewater and stepped up to the challenge.  The TWUA Code of Ethics says, - “that employment in public water and wastewater operations is recognized by all as a profession have great responsibility for the health and welfare of all people.”  I pray one day the general public will appreciate the important roll operators fill concerning public health and safety.

TWUA just turned 102 years old and my challenge to you is, to stay involved or become involved in the association. Bring a new hire to a district meeting, become a district officer, get involved at the regional level and help support and promote TWUA.  This is an operator association, and your support is crucial to the future success of this association.

If we want to be seen as professionals, we need to walk, talk, and act like professionals!

I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

May the blessings of heaven rest on us and all operators;

Bill Brown
President, TWUA