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Many of you may have heard that the Occupational Licensing section at TCEQ is introducing a new way of applying for a license. E-Application or e-App, our new online application form, is quick, easy, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! In conjunction with the e-Application, we will be transitioning to a preapproval process before applicants can sit for exams.

You will be hearing more about the e-Application and the preapproval process in the upcoming weeks. However, in the meantime, I have attached an informational document to provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions about this new process. A presentation is also attached so you can see the screens in the e-App from beginning to end!

We hope to have the e-App and preapproval process in full swing by Fall of 2016. There will be a live link in the Occupational Licensing main page to access the e-App starting September 9, 2016 at Paper applications will continue to be accepted for those individuals who have no access to a computer. There will be a six-month grace period where we will be gradually phasing in the preapproval process using the e-Application and working with you on issues and improvements. We anticipate only preapproved applicants in exam sessions by March 1, 2017. In order to accomplish this goal, e-Applications will need to be submitted by January 1, 2017 in order to have applications preapproved barring any deficiencies in the application.

We strongly encourage all of you to start using it as soon as it goes live! Please help us spread the word by forwarding this message to anyone that may be interested.

We realize that with any new process, there will be issues we will need to resolve. Your help, suggestions and support are always welcome!

Occupational Licensing Electronic Application (OLEA) Instructions

Linda Saladino, Manager
Occupational Licensing
TCEQ Permitting & Registration Support Division