tceqlogo2Effective September 1, 2019, to take a TCEQ-administered exam at a training event, you must have an approved or conditionally approved application for the license on file with TCEQ and be pre-registered for the exam offered at a training event through TCEQ’s Licensing Exam Registration (LEXR) portal.

Note: Applicants who do not meet the above criteria after the effective date will not be allowed to take the exam.

For more information, visit the TCEQ Website.

Thank you,

Paul Munguía
Occupational Licensing Section
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

TWUA’s understanding of the above message -

TCEQ Paper-Based Exam Testing -  Beginning September 1st, 2019, walk-ins or onsite registrations to challenge the TCEQ paper-based exams are NO LONGER Allowed.

The requirement for exam registration has been long coming. The state developed a web-based portal called Licensing Exam Registration (LEXR) to facilitate and track the exam registration process for paper-based exams at TCEQ regional offices and events such as TWUA Regional Schools where TCEQ administers exams.

Since the inception of the Electronic Pre-Approval Application for TCEQ Exams, the state provided a grace period to accommodate those whose applications had been approved but had failed to designate the exam location/date and allowed them to test without being pre-registered for the exam. For example, if someone attended a TWUA Regional event, and they had documentation that they had been approved to test (Approval, Conditional Approval, or Retest), the TCEQ made every effort to accommodate them into the exam session at the conclusion of the event. Now that the policy has been in place for over a year and that the grace period has expired, the state policy will be strictly enforced – all approved applicants intending to take the exam at the conclusion of a training event where TCEQ administers exams must pre-register online via LEXR for the paper-based exam at least 1 (one) business-day prior to either the exam date or the regional course start date, whichever is sooner.

Twofold process – Begins with Online Electronic Application, and once you receive your approval or conditional approval notification; you MUST then register and designate where and when you plan to test, if paper-based test. For Computer-Based testing, the applicant must deal directly with the approved test center.

To be clear – Applicants will no longer be allowed to bring documentation and just walk into the exam. All approved applicants sitting for a paper-based exam, must be pre-registered for the exam via the online portal LEXR, to be allowed in the TCEQ administered exam session. Paper-based exams are not going away, this is just an adjustment to the exam registration process.

Be Aware – “Not canceling your exam registration or not showing up for a scheduled exam, MAY be counted as a failed exam attempt or suspend the ability to register for an exam for up to 4 months.”