Updated News Release:

We are dealing with unprecedented times related to the Coronavirus and government recommendations for measures to curb this disaster declaration. 

TWUA is fielding calls, emails, and questions related to Operator Training and TWUA appreciates the opportunity to be a source in theses trying times.  We understand your concern and the uncertainty you may be experiencing.  Educate yourself and follow advice and directives from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Health Department, and local elected officials.  

Items TWUA Can Share: 

  • TCEQ will NOT be administering operator exams for the next 60 days.  Not at the Austin main campus.  Not at the Regional TCEQ field offices.  Not at any TWUA Regional School that is held through June.
  • Some regional boards are holding to the 250 number for gatherings and it will be a last-minute call as to - will the event proceed or will it be rescheduled.It will help if you will call the various regional contacts, and let them know if you plan to attend or if your travel privileges have been suspended?
  • TCEQ Approved 20-Hour Live Training classes are being rescheduled, due to the various host public water supplies concerns about outsiders coming into their workplace.
  • TCEQ is developing language for release related to renewal of license and events being canceled and rescheduled.  Since we are dealing with a National event, the state will offer “some” leniency related to renewal continuing education.  We were told to expect 60 to 90 days extended timeframe.  Look at the TCEQ website for more information.
  • TWUA Web-based Computer Training – As long as there is a demand for computer-based operator training, TWUA will increase course offerings and our goal is to host two online classes per week – perhaps three, if demand justifies.  Watch email blasts regarding new and additional operator training opportunities. 

Please watch the TWUA Training Calendar for all your training needs.

Current Approved Online Training:

March 24th – March 26th  –  Wastewater Collection

March 31st – April 2nd  –  Utilities Safety and Basic Water

April 7th – 9th  –  Utilities Management and Basic Wastewater

April 13th – 15th  –  CSI / CCC and Water Distribution

April 21st – 23rd  –  Wastewater Treatment and Ground Water Production

Costs $375.00 for all 20 hour training