Geographical units of the Association composed of two or more adjacent Districts and Chapters with a sufficient number to sustain an annual Regional School. There are currently nine such Regions.


Geographical units of a Region, organized to serve Association members in a defined area of the state. Districts offer education and training opportunities on a monthly basis and within a convenient distance for members to travel. There are currently fifty-four Districts.


Geographical unit of a Section organized to serve the Association member's need for education and training in a defined area of the state. There are currently fifteen Chapters in the Association.


Technical specialty units of the Association and have statewide coverage. Sections exist to serve the training, educational and informational needs of special areas of interest within the water utilities industry, whether or not normally included in the operator certification programs. Three Sections are currently organized: the Laboratory Analysts' Section, the Customer Service Section and the Pretreatment & Environmental Section.