The Texas Water Utilities Association would like to recognize the following members, and any others that we may not have been made aware of, who have passed away.  In memory of:


Johnny Harold Jones - TWUA Central Office Staff Member


Robert T. McMillon - Honorary Member / Retired V. M. Ehlers Trustee


Paul Bland – At Large / Organizational Member
George Boeker – Armadillo District
David Burger – Golden Crescent District
Joe Carreon – Mission District
Francisco Estrada – Sam Houston District
Terry Gollihugh – Canadian District
Gary Hunt – Metrocrest District
Larry Jordan Sr. – Trinity Valley District
David Marshall – Panhandle District
Pete Michael – Red River District
David Pace – Northwest Texas District
Jim West – Central Texas District


Donald Skelton - Leon River District
Michael Aldridge - Capitol Area District
Edward Joseph - Gulf Area District
Dwayne Biehunko - Guadalupe Valley District
Tommy Hockett - Apollo District
Dennis Zajack - Gulf Area District
David Cochran - Honorary Member
Don Thompson - Sam Houston District
Charles H, White - Central West Texas District


Jimmy Michael Stover Sr. - Panhandle District
Herbert Randolph Wittliff - Golden Crescent District
Sonny Groessel - Cotton Belt District


Larry Dean Kelm - Organizational Member
George Michael Newsome - Southeast Texas Region
Curtis Lane Smalley - Central Texas Distict
Mike Worthington
Abby T. Flemming - Caprock District
Anthony Masters - Metrocrest District


Ken Vollbrecht - Association Supporter
Joe Calderon - Sam Houston District
David Hernandez - Sam Houston District
Stephan "Steve" Hodge - North Cental Texas District
Jimmy A. Cates - At- Large
Raymond Steve Schultz - Brazos Colorado
James Smith - Southwest Texas Region/Armadillo District


Sam Warrington - Honarary Member
William Don Melton Jr. - Central Texas District
Ronald Harold Bearden - Honarary Member
Andrew Valcourt - Capitol Area District
Patrick Buzbee- Green Forest District


Dee Keilers - Fort Concho District
Huston Jones - At Large Membership
Timothy Reynolds - East Texas District
Roscoe Abercrombie - At Large Membership
Eldon Dudley - At Large Membership
Eddie Emery - East Texas District & North Sulphur Sabine LAS
Jerry Martin - East Texas District
Bobby McCoy - Capitol Area District


Keith Thompson - Metrocrest District
Johnny Williams - Pecan Valley District
Darold Wingert - Armadillo District
Melvin Boeck - Armadillo District
William Lary - Citrus District
Herbert Peake - Harris County MHP District
Jack Brinkley - At Large Membership
Yrene Morgan - Central Texas C.S.S.
Bobby Napier - Deep East Texas District
Milton Haverlah - Cotton Belt District
Jim Nance - Permian Basin District
Dennis Wankan - Deep East Texas District
Donna Carrasco - Permian Basin District
Terry Sanders - Caprock District
John Standlea - Coastal Bend District