In the early days of the Texas Water Utilities Association, there was but one annual conference and exposition - known simply as "The Short School". With time, and because of the vast size of the State, Regional Schools were introduced. Somewhat concurrent with the establishment of the local Districts, the Regional Schools became more or less fixed in location and regular in annual occurrence.

The Regional School service areas are now recognized as "Regions" of the Association and the Chairman of each Region serves as a member of the TWUA Board of Directors. There are currently nine such Regions, which are shown below - with the site of their Regional School:

  • Central Texas Region - Killeen
  • Central West Texas Region - Abilene
  • East Texas Region - Longview (Tyler)
  • North Central Texas Region - Arlington
  • Panhandle Region - Amarillo
  • Permian Basin Region - San Angelo
  • Southeast Region - Beaumont
  • Southwest Texas Region - Location Varies
  • West Texas Region - Lubbock