Pursuant to House Bill 1508, which becomes effective September 1, 2017

This notice shall serve to inform, that specific criminal history could negatively impact and affect a person’s ability to receive a TCEQ issued Operator’s License.

Participating in any Texas Water Utilities Association (TWUA) affiliated operator training course(s) does not guarantee or in any way imply you will be eligible to test or receive a state issued operator’s license.

For those with a felony criminal history, before you register for any TWUA Training Course, you should contact TCEQ Licensing Division at 512-239-6133, and obtain information related to a review.

A conviction for violent crimes, sex crimes, assault, theft, robbery, or any other crime which is considered hate crime or crimes against people or property, could deem you ineligible and cause you NOT be approved for some Operators Licenses; such as but not specifically limited to: Backflow Prevention, Customer Service Inspector, Distribution, Collections, Operator, or other licenses which in normal performance of job duties could reasonably result in the direct interaction with the general-public.

After reading and considering this notification, should you choose to register for training, without consulting TCEQ or exercising your rights for a review, and later discover you are not eligible, due to past criminal history, you will NOT be entitled to any payment reimbursement or monetary refund in any way associated with registration fees, training course(s), licensing fees, travel costs, criminal history report fees, or any other fee or expense that is customary for operator license.

If you have questions, you are strongly encouraged to contact TCEQ at 512-239-6133 or TWUA Central Office (512-459-3124) prior to registration.

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